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Hello all,

I moved to a new city two years ago for university. I'm a very family-oriented person and have never lived away from home before. I'm finding it very difficult living in a new place by myself. I try to keep myself busy and occupied with school and working out, but I cannot help but feel depressed.

I've made a few friends who are in the same program as I am, however everyone has different schedules and so we rarely get a chance to hang out with each other. I've also tried to reach out to Punjabi students as well, but I commonly get asked what my caste is and I am uncomfortable befriending people who believe in this ideal.

I go to the Gurdwara every week and although I do find it very comforting and uplifting listening to kirtan while at the Gurdwara, when I return home I revert to feeling sad and having a low mood.

Can anyone offer any advice or tips on how to battle depression?

Thank you.

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