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Clicking on macros causes endless loop

Message Publié : 20 Mars 2018 11:19
par kevinmanuel

Whenever I poke around the Customize dialog, and I click on a macro, I end up getting an endless loop of error messages saying that I need to install java. I don't have it installed on this laptop, and I'd rather not do this, if I can get away with it. I have found AOO to be rather faster than normal this last time that I've tried to use it, so I'd like to avoid java in the hope that this will keep OO fast. Is there something I can do, to avoid this endless loop? After clicking OK to this error message, before I can do anything else, I get the same exact error message. Again I click ok, and then again it pops up. The only way out is for me to use the task manager of windows to close out the program. I can't even shut down that particular doc that was open, when I went itno teh customize dialog.

please help

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